The Morphe Method: Nutritional Guidance

Reach your weight goals, eat for optimal performance, energize your workouts, and build muscle strength. Sessions are designed to assess your specific nutritional needs and include a computer-generated nutritional analysis to help you make better nutritional choices and learn what foods most benefit you as an individual.

The Morphe Method: Rock Climbing & TRX Anti-Gravity Training

Discover the oldest-newest way to become a leaner, stronger, more flexible, powerful and body-aware individual. Challenge yourself to a TRX ‘PLUS’ workout in our fully equipped indoor bouldering room. Combination Rock Climbing and TRX Anti-Gravity Training build strength and lean muscle, sculpting the body while increasing endurance, balance, mental and physical focus, plus amazing flexibility and self-confidence.

The Morphe Method: Individual Cardio Boxing & Kickboxing

Cardio Boxing or Kickboxing is a style of Martial Art training that emphasizes cardiovascular conditioning and toning thru the practice and application of Martial Arts striking techniques. This practice builds strength, balance, focus, flexibility, and reinforces physical as well as mental agility, without the often harsh discipline and contact common to other forms of Martial Art training.

The Morphe Method for Total Fitness: Happy Mind, Healthy Body & Strong Soul

The Morphe Method incorporates every aspect of wellness into a series of classes and treatment options that address physical, mental, and spiritual conditioning: building strength, balance, endurance, and inner peace.  Let’s select which Method components are right for you and get you on the road to total, holistic self-renewal!

Roberto Santamarina, CSCS, is a Master Trainer dedicated to health, fitness and life coaching. Morphe Studios is Roberto’s Gift to his beloved Miami – a boutique fitness studio devoted to unleashing your hidden potential for growth and life transformation through physical activity, spiritual awareness and positive habits that help you achieve all of your personal goals.

The Morphe Method, rooted in Roberto’s philosophy of unifying mind, body and soul, along with his caring approach of focused personal attention to each client, guarantees that your experience at Morphe will be specifically tailored to satisfy your individual needs. Roberto has assembled a team of masters in health, wellness, fitness and spa treatments to ensure your results will encompass every area of your life to guide you toward the total transformation that you dream of!

“The Key to achieving a true metamorphosis is to think positive, take action and develop a well-balanced you.”
—Roberto Santamarina