Slow Down and Get More Done

A famous actor was once known to say: “Dress me slowly, I’m in hurry!” I often heard this phrase around the house growing up, and as a kid, I never understood its logic.  But as I’ve grown and learned a whole lot about life, I realize those are words to live by.

In today’s frantic world of deadlines, appointments and distractions, we seem to be in a constant battle with Time. “I don’t have time to relax and breathe” is a common theme running through our subconscious.

We think we have to be in a continuous state of adrenaline rush to accomplish everything on our to-do list. But the fact is, the more we take time out to breathe, relax, stretch and feel our bodies, the more clear-headed and focused we become, and voilá: the more we get things done!

Relaxation is vital to maintaining a healthy heart rate. When your heart rate is continuously accelerated by the stress of being in a hurry, your ability to think clearly is actually diminished. The rising adrenaline levels launches you into fight-or-flight mode and you feel more nervous and irritable, you make more mistakes, you forget things, and worst of all, you’re rapidly making yourself sick.

Another common mistake is multitasking. We all have to do it, and it seems all of us have our phones by our side constantly, which means constant interruptions from whatever we’re doing.  So it’s a necessary fact of life, but it causes increased stress and increased heart rate.

Make your daily to-do list reasonably short, and create it in order of priority, then actually tackle things in that order. Finish one task and take a quick break: go outside, walk, move, or just stretch and breathe, before getting on to the next task.  Try to limit your use of the phone to these breaks, and silence it while you get important things done.  You’ll find that at the end of the day you’ll be far less tired after having accomplished far more tasks.

Just the awareness that you are in prime condition to get things done will actually help you to get more things done!  When you’re properly rested, de-stressed, and operating from a place of relaxed clarity, you feel far more confident in your ability to accomplish your day’s goals.  This confidence influences everything you do, and amazingly, things begin to go more smoothly, naturally.

This is because your nervous system is responding to the message that your brain is sending which is “everything is ok.” Once your brain is sending out this message, you become a lot less worried about Time.

Stop. Breathe. Relax. Enjoy Life. Now continue with what you were doing.  Everything in life is about finding a healthy balance.