Bouldering FAQs

A lot of people are curious about the new enthusiasm for bouldering, a form of rock climbing that uses no ropes or hooks, relying exclusively on grip, balance, coordination and proper shifting of body weight. Bouldering is fast becoming a popular pastime at indoor climbing facilities, such as the Rock Climbing Room we have installed at Morphe.  Here are some of the most common questions that people are asking about bouldering and how to get started with this form of training:

  1. What are the benefits of bouldering?  This amazing sport works basically every muscle group in the body, relying on gravity and your body weight as a strength builder. Additionally, it builds mental skills by exercising thought patterns that are applicable to all areas of your life: overcoming fear and panic, learning to balance the weight of your body, creating a strategy for your next move…  It helps with everything!
  2. Will it help me to lose weight and get in shape?  Bouldering is a strength-building exercise that burns calories and builds lean muscle all over the body, so it will make you look leaner in a very short time if practiced regularly.  It also stretches the muscles in your limbs and back, building better posture that also improves your overall appearance, giving you a taller, leaner look.
  3. Do I need to have climbing experience to take up bouldering?  Not at all.  The vast majority of my clients at Morphe have never tried rock climbing before, and many of them have become real enthusiasts for this sport.
  4. Will I require any special equipment or footwear to practice bouldering?  Not initially.  You can wear the clothes that you would wear to a regular workout.  If you do become passionate about the sport and plan to continue and master it, I would recommend purchasing a good pair of climbing shoes; however, you can wear your regular gym shoes to get started or rent climbing shoes from Morphe.
  5. What happens if I fall?  The floor is padded with mattresses, and the height of the walls is limited, so you will not be seriously injured if you fall.  The key is to stay focused and you will easily be able to climb your way down from a hold instead of falling.
  6. Is it safe for kids to try?  Totally.  Morphe offers classes for kids aged 6-10.  Special groups can be accommodated by appointment.
  7.  Where can I go to try it?  We have a dedicated bouldering room Morphe where you can come in and try it out. Give us a call at 305.302.4523.