Morphe Morphs!

So by now most of you are aware that Morphe has morphed into a larger, brighter, more versatile, cooler and more fun than ever fitness studio at its new location in Little Havana at 810 SW 22nd Avenue near the corner of 8th Street (Calle Ocho) in Miami.

The new space really does feel different: it’s as though Morphe has grown up and expanded, as though a fantasy has come to life, a dream has come true, and the transformation that all of our clients – the Morphe family – are trying to make in their lives is happening here in the studio right before our very eyes.  It’s as though the space embodies the strength and optimism of the Morphe coaching philosophy!  The new space allows for more versatility, larger groups, more individual attention for each class member, and even more social gathering possibilities with the addition of our fabulous Sushi Express juice & bites bar.

Natural light abounds and the space is easily accessible with comfortable private parking in the rear. The whole look and feel of the new studio is the manifestation of positive thinking, faith, hard work and determination as a physical and visual reminder of what it takes to achieve goals, create change, transform lives, and give wings to our dreams and desires. In the end, the studio itself serves to emphasize and illustrate the Morphe philosophy of integrating mind, body and spirit in the pursuit of success and happiness. The new studio breathes this philosophy while serving as an example to all our clients that success, transformation and growth really are possible.

We urge you to drop in, stop by and talk to Coach Santamarina about a life coaching session and a holistic fitness assessment for a personalized plan of action at Morphe Fitness & Wellness Studio to transform your life and give wings to your dreams and desires.

It’s about you. It’s about change. It’s about achievement, success and satisfaction. Be part of the transformation happening daily at Morphe.