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Classes are offered for all skill levels & open gym memberships are available for advanced users.

Gravity Fitness

Gravity Fitness

Discover your inner warrior by challenging your mind and body with our small group and 1-1 signature gravity workout classes.


Bouldering Training

Learn to climb properly with classes and 1-1 coaching. Or, put yourself through and advanced free-climbing work-out if you already know how. 



Find your zen in this combo of gravity, yoga and pilates moves in a low and slow workout that will have you working hard and feeling strong and calm when you leave.


Gravity Kickboxing

Kick your butt in gear and get ready to sweat with this unique high energy mix of our signature gravity fitness and kickboxing workout.  


1-1 Coaching

Fitness, nutrition, life coaching: nothing says you care more for yourself than dedicating time for 1-1 program designed only for you. 

Wellness Spa

Wellness Spa

You deserve a reward. Recharge after your workout with a massage, enjoy a steam bath, or, splurge on our specialized wellness treatments. 

Kids Fitness

Kids Fitness

After a long day sitting in the classroom, nothing builds strength, balance, and focus like our boulder climbing program for kids 6 – 15 year-olds.

Super Kids Parties

Super Kids Parties

Let your kids birthday party be amazing, spectacular and marvelous! Your kids and their friends will climb, play & celebrate like their favorite superheros!

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Healthy Body · Happy Mind · Strong Soul

Morphe is Master Trainer Roberto Santamarina’s unique studio devoted to helping you become your own hero through the transformation of physical activity, spiritual awareness, and life positive habits. Discover a better you in a safe encouraging space with state of the art gravity fitness, bouldering room, and spa & wellness treatments.

From Our Blog

Morphe Founder Roberto Santamarina shares fitness & nutrition tips, inspiring stories and motivational quotes.

Youth Program Coaching

Is your kid the next Roger Federer? Or maybe you just want them to feel that way? At Morphe we take youth coaching to the next level. Let us work together with your child’s mental and physical strength and conditioning, develop discipline, coordination, balance, strength and awareness. Who? All Coaching staff at Morphe are former … Read more

Mindfulness: Chasing Goals While Staying in the Present

Although it sounds like a contradiction to say “Stay in the Present” while at the same time saying “Set goals” these two seemingly opposing concepts actually CAN combine to guide you through the process of a successful life journey, and it’s really much more simple than it sounds. Setting goals, especially if we write them … Read more

Why Attitude is Everything

Let’s face it: life brings challenges. Everybody has them. The secret to overcoming them is how you face them. When you approach life with an attitude of willingness to learn, everything takes on another meaning. Life’s challenges become lessons from which we can grow and expand. The trick of course, is to apply those lessons … Read more

Breathe Through It

Proper Breathing Techniques for Optimal Performance Breathing is the most essential function of our bodies. It’s something we do without ever being conscious of it in; fact we literally do it even in our sleep. But what happens if and when we do apply conscious awareness to the act of breathing? Proper breathing techniques can … Read more

Blue? Manage Mood-Swings With Exercise

We’ve heard it over and over again about how exercise produces endorphins, those “feel-good” chemicals our body unleashes when we’re working out and releasing stored toxins in our muscles. We know that exercise improves our mood and in some cases even counteracts clinical depression, as well as improving a number of related health conditions such … Read more

Weak in the Knees? You CAN Fix That!

As we get older, many of us complain of weakness in the knees and chronic knee pain. Many of us see this weakness as part of the normal run-of-the-mill process of aging, and basically an inevitable malady of getting older. But boy is that ever Wrong! Strength and flexibility in the knees and legs are … Read more

All Morphe programs are by class or private appointment.  Open Gym Memberships are also available for advanced clients.

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