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Mr. morphē Life

Mr. morphē Life

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morphē Life, Health & Fitness is a multifunctional gym that was developed by Robert Santamarina over 12 years ago and combines short-precise movements, bursts of high intensity training and mental focus which keeps his loyal members coming back for results-proven training.

The morphē method inspires you to excel in life and inspire others. Using basic principals, teaching fundamentals and techniques, we've helped hundreds of members recover from injury and age with strength coordination and grace.

Let us help energize and motivate you to MOVE AND FEEL GREAT.


Est. 2006 - Miami



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Our Studio creates an innovative atmosphere where you will feel energetic and confident taking on our fitness challenges and achieving your health and fitness goals.

morphē offers a variety of different training options including its unique morphē Machine group training, a 700 sq. ft. indoor boulder climbing room, one-on-one training, physical therapy and personalized nutrition counseling to help create a comprehensive method that clients can stick with in their everyday lives.

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All visitors must fill out the Morphē liability waiver. Any participant under 18 years of age must have a waiver on file signed by his/her parents or legal guardian.

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To bring awareness to what phase you are currently in and help educate to create and sustain a lifestyle that moves you in a direction toward a better quality of life.

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