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At morphē we approach our clients goals in a unique manner because while many goals seem to be similar, everyone will attempt to reach these goals from different angles and stages in their lives. These different stages are a product of different phases within a Mind, Body or Spiritual perspective, or all of the above.

The morphē method focuses on bringing awareness to what phases you currently are in, and helps translate that into your physical and mental wellness, that in turn creates a better quality of life. The morphē coaches keep you honest, motivated and on track to achieve your optimal fitness and life goals.


Roberto Santamarina, a Miami native who believes in constantly evolving, has a degree in Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine from Florida International University and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), the highest level of certification one can obtain in physical fitness training. Santamarina prides himself in teaching his students how to control and strengthen their bodies by bringing mental awareness and consistency to every movement they do in order for them to work smarter — not harder.


morphē members absolutely love the versatility of the “morphē machine”

Or Total Body Gym, which uses smooth cable motion and your body’s own weight as resistance, resulting in being easier on your joints and defined sculpting. The adjustable height on the ergonomic glide-board allows morphē instructors to set individual resistance levels for each member depending on the personal goals, whether it’s strength, cardio, or stretching related.

Because of its lack of free weights, the Total Gym or “morphē machine” also helps you quickly and easily move from one exercise to another resulting in a full body workout in 50 minutes under the guidance of skilled morphē method instructors.


Some of our Favorite Yelp Reviews
Absolutely enjoyable workout, feel great and not fatigued! Booked through ClassPass, and no one else signed up. In the past, at other studios, trainers have canceled class when this happens, but coach Rob, (Roberto) gave me a one-on-one session instead! Thank you!!!
Alycia C
Some of our Favorite Yelp Reviews
I just got done with my first rock climbing class ever, intro to rock climbing. The studio is great and has something for everyone. Roberto is a fantastic instructor—very encouraging and patient, but you will definitely get an intense workout in. I'm already looking forward to trying other classes at this awesome studio.
Katrina B
Some of our Favorite Yelp Reviews
Roberto is a true expert in fitness. I’m pretty injured/delicate and he trained me in such a way that I got the best workout of my life and didn’t injure myself, finally! He explains every exercise in terms of functional movement, balance, and muscle group targets. He’s firm but gentle and a joy to work with. His studio is gorgeous; there's rock climbing, a juice bar, a mini-spa and locker rooms to shower in. Free parking and amazing, accommodating service. It’s like coming home!
Monica A
Some of our Favorite Yelp Reviews
Roberto’s going to make sure that for 50 minutes, you’re scaling walls and climbing ropes with the ease of Stallone in Cliffhanger.
Some of our Favorite Yelp Reviews
Not just a physical morph but a mind and soul equally as strong. You get to work out your mind-body with various functional training disciplines.
Frank B
Some of our Favorite Yelp Reviews
This is my favorite workout class. Very personalized and with emphasis on quality of the workout vs reps or weight. I would highly recommend it!
Ricardo D
Some of our Favorite Yelp Reviews
I have been doing ClassPass for the last 3 months, so I got the opportunity to visit numerous gyms/studios in the area. This is by far the best one in Miami, the kind of workout is very challenging and customized. And Roberto, the instructor, is the best. He helps you to listen to your body and challenge yourself without crossing the limit. I have gone to the new location which is very convenient for all the people around Brickell/Downtown/Midtown and coral gables.
Laura B
Some of our Favorite Yelp Reviews
I attended a rock climbing class through ClassPass at Morphe and strongly recommend giving it a try! It’s a very small, clean gym with a pilates studio in the front and a small rock climbing room in the back. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful and our instructor was incredibly knowledgeable. Parking was a little difficult, but not impossible. Wonderful experience!
Christine A

it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work.
It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.